About us

Natural Animal Nutrition Inc. was founded in 1981 as a manufacturer and distributor of therapeutic nutritional products.  NAN services independent pet retailers, kennels, veterinary hospitals, and health food stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Our Mission:

"Helping our customers become the most successful they can be"

NAN is dedicated to only servicing the independent pet speciality segment. We will not service any National Chains, Big Box or Mass retail outlets.  Our vendors are chosen based on where they source their ingredients, production facilities, their processing standards and their loyalty to the independent pet speciality segment.

We believe these principles create the "point- of- difference" that's needed to ensure the success and longevity of the independent retailer.

We not only sell the highest quality nutritional products, but we make sure you and your staff understand the benefits and functions of each item.  And that you are comfortable with educating and recommending these products to your customers.  

Territory Map


                        Vendor Updates

                            Updated August 30, 2018

Strategic Product Support
for Retailers

Have questions about NAN products? Need some assistance on merchandising? Click the Strategic Product Support for Retailers button and be connected to one of NAN's dedicated in house support team members. Their goal is to help you expand your profits and develop security for your business. We will work with you to customize short term and long term goals that will maximize the value of your business to support your end game strategy. We are here to help make you the most successful you can be!

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